Sunday, 12 June 2011

A new range at Saysie!

There has been some changes to the shop since my earlier blogging days. I now have a range of shoulder bags!

Although I love making and selling the purses and make-up bags, deep down I still wanted to do more, and expand the range. I really wanted to make some sort of large pleated bag, and keeping with the Saysie theme use bright, colourful and cute fabrics.

For a long time this idea just burned at the back of my mind, until one day the need to do it got too much. So I sat down and tried to draft some sort of pattern, that fitted with the idea in my head. If I'm allowed to say, I was pleased with the result.

Now with the pattern made the fun really began, the picking of the fabrics and the making. I have to say I really love making these bags! And so far have been pleased with the results.

All bags are made with 100% cotton, some bags are even made with Eco-friendly organic cotton. Both exterior and interior have interfacing, which protects the fabric, gives it durability, and a heavier structure, making sure your bag will last and last. The great things about these bags are they so roomy! They have loads of space inside you can fit a lot in there! They also have two pockets for your phone and other smaller items. Although you could buy one of my purses for that :)

Keep an eye on the shop, as I will always be adding more. In the meantime here are small selection.

Organic Cotton Hydrangeas Pleated Tote

Mushrooms Pleated Tote

Organic Cotton Grey Daisy Pleated Tote
Organic Cotton Pick A Bunch Pleated Tote

Always Peace Pleated Tote


FELT! by Gina said...

Lovely bags, Saysie.

Saysie said...

Thank you!

Bigbluebed said...

The bags are gorgeous. It is good when a patten turns out just right.