Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A good day for post!

Today my postie delivered some lovely goodies.

I simply could not resist this oh so cute card from Asking For Trouble over on Folksy. It came in a pack of two, and I'm going to be hard pushed not to keep at least one of them for myself! You really must check out her shop, its full of Kawaii stationary and other goodies, I think I may have to pop back to buy some of these tags!

What also landed on my doormat, was the new issue of Sew Hip! After having trouble finding a copy in my local newsagents, and not being able to make it into the local town to check WHSmiths, I managed to buy a copy online!

After only having time today for a quick flick through, I have to say I really like it. Its so nice to see a magazine like this, with up to date, and practical ideas. I will certainly be putting a subscription for this on my Christmas list! You can order your copy here.

I'm now off to try and warm myself up, and have a proper read of the magazine.


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Alice Elizabeth Still said...

Hi! I've tagged you! You can see my latest post for information - it the standard 6 facts about yourself and tag 6 other people!