Friday, 30 May 2008

A pattern of confusion

Guess what was featured on Cuteable yesterday? This rainbow pillow! I was so excited to see it there, thank you Lynsey for featuring me on your fabulous blog!

Some of you may remember, I mentioned a while ago about wanting to have a go at dress making. Well I finally got round to purchasing a pattern, and I also treated myself to a Japanese pattern book.

This pattern above is the one I am attempting at the moment, which is not as bad as this one below!

Can someone please tell me what all those lines, dots and triangles are for!? Some how, in all that, there are several patterns for several garments. Sadly I see it all a bit too confusing!

Despite all this, I got my tracing paper, and managed to draft out the size I need from the picture above. After a lot of tears (I was having one of those days) and a few seams later, I had constructed my first muslin. You may see that there is a no picture of said garment, well I will save your eyes from such a sight. Not that it is that awful, I would just rather wait to show you the completed project.
I am awaiting a delivery of some lovely linen fabric, and once that has arrived I will attempt to make it properly. Once that mission is completed, I will brave the Japanese patterns, and it really will be a brave attempt as there is no English instructions!!

Finally, some more goodies arrived in the post for me today. Some gorgeous gocco prints from Bunny on Etsy.

Aren't they just the greatest? Bunny has two shops on Etsy, and really has some fab items in them. She is a real whizz with the photo shop, and can transform any picture of you or you pet into something really magical! Not only that, but also customises shoes too! Something I really want to save my pennies for, being the avid shoe fan that I am. Of course she also has some great artwork, and prints as well, hop on over and check her out, and take an extra moment to check out her other shop Lapin Noir, where you will find more amazing prints, and a 50% sale! Definitely worth a look.

That's all from me for now. Have a happy Friday!



Tip Top said...

Well done on Cuteable!!

And Happy Friday to you too!

trainersinnightclubs said...

Usually one colour is to show the bare bone sof the pattern and the other to show the amendments and variations that can be made to it. On the make instructions they often show what shapes you need. xxxx

Tina Mammoser said...

I'm not as brave as you, my first ventures into sewing again as an adult are just going to be chopping down and re-hemming/edging old stuff. :)

From what I remember from schooldays the multiple outlines on shapes are for different sizes. Looks like they've just made the outlines for each size different dot patterns to distinguish them? The triangles are where you cut notches I believe, so fabric doesn't bunch up when hems fold under/over. Gosh it's been decades since I use patterns though! And they're a bit more forgiving when you're about 10. ;)

Bunny said...

awwww, thank you! ♥
And yay about cuteable!