Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A cute delivery

I just bought this cute doll off Wunderkind over on Etsy, and she arrived in super speedy time yesterday! I saw her shop featured on Cuteable a few weeks ago, and knew straight away I HAD to have one! She doesn't just have dolls, but also cute magnets and other goodies, please check her out. Such a lovely seller.
Here she is settled into her new home. For notes on on what else is in the pic, please feel free to check out the photo on my flickr page

As promised although admittedly a little late, here is a picture of the antiques centre I went to the other day. Sadly inside was a little dark, and I fear they would of told me off for taking pictures! They have three barns in all, crammed with everything imaginable, from furniture, books, trinkets, clothes and well everything! I had to question the antiquity of the clothes though, as one of them had a New Look label in it!! Anyway this picture is of the courtyard between 2 of the barns and on the left there, is a little tea shop.

After our little browse (only purchase was a sorry looking bag of buttons), we headed back to mum's for a cup of tea. Only to bump into her neighbour who had asked where we had been. Mum explained the mission (I had snuck away) saying that we had gone in search for buttons etc, but had not had much luck. 2 minutes later she comes down the stairs with this huge bucket of buttons! For me to keep! I was in shock, and as anyone who loves buttons very excited!

The neighbour is in her 60's and she said they were her mum's, so proper vintage, and after having a real rummage through, there really is some very old buttons in there.
A close up, of a fraction of what was in the pot.


Siansburys said...

OMG!! I DrrreeAAAm of finding a bucketful of buttons LOL :D

ChichiBoulie said...

She's so cute! I don't blame you for buying her.

And the antiques center... I miss those in England. We used to live near the Packhouse in Surrey and LOVED it!

Tip Top said...

OMG!! Those buttons are fantastic - lucky you!!